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To purchase items, please call (610) 847-6824 or email us at schraderdive@gmail.com. Please give the item number and/or item name and desired quantity, along with your contact information. Diving helmets require a 25% deposit, and signature on release, before we begin building your helmet for you. Prices listed do not include shipping and handling. We accept payment by credit card, check, money order, or PayPal. There is a 6% sales tax for in state purchases.

P-197 Plunger Nut Wrench

As per 1941 drawings, this tool allows the plunger nut to be easily removed from the USN two cylinder pump plunger rod, when replacing the leather plunger packing.  Forged in house from cold rolled steel and coated with black paint.

Price: $36

P-199 Air Cock Wrench

As per 1941 drawings, this tool allows H pipe/air-cock assembly to be removed from the USN two cylinder pump bed plate during maintenance.  In fact, our inventory of wrenches are dead stock from WW II.   They are drop forged steel and coated with black paint with 1 13/16” jaw opening.  May have cosmetic blemishes.

Price: $72

P-400 Oil Separator

As per USN specifications, and our 1940 drawings, the oil separator is installed between the hand pump and air hose to help prevent piston lubricating oil from being disbursed into the hose, causing premature deterioration of the hose.  By specification, the oil separator should have a woven luffa filter but we provide them with a washable cellulose sponge filter instead.  Interestingly, DuPont invented the cellulose sponge in the 1940s, and held it secret until 1952.  We don’t have any documentation showing that Schrader could have used cellulose filters during the war, but certainly switched to them post war.  That said we do make luffa filters for the historical purist. “S” type thread.

Price: $438 (add $40 for a luffa filter)

P-401 Plunger Packing Set

Schrader sold replacement plunger packing for USN two cylinder pumps in a soldered can.  As per 1941 specifications, we do the same.  One soldered tin can contains two leather cups and five leather disks packed in Neatsfoot oil.  This keeps them soft and provides plenty of lubrication.  One can is enough to replace the leathers for one plunger rod.

Price: $77

Three Way Air Manifold

Old stock Craftsweld style manifold.  This variation is a work around of the USN H-402 Manifold.  Lunkenheimer produced the straight cock assemblies for the manifold.  They stopped producing them some time in the past and Craftsweld used a different manufacturer.  The manifold allows for several divers to run off of one compressor, or conversely, in the age of hand pumps, one could gang several pumps together for increased air flow in deep diving operations.  Each valve has an integral handle, doing away with the key and chain.  Each end terminates in a “S” fitting.

Price: $412

P-413 Piston Tool

As per 1941 drawings and specifications, this clamping ring is used to set the leather cups and disks when replacing them for the USN two cylinder pump.  It is designed to insert into the top of the piston cylinder, and compress the leather so that it is not torn on the cylinder edge when driving in the piston rod assembly.

Price: $449

P-415 Can With Spare Parts

As per 1941 drawings and specifications, this kit contains everything needed to keep your USN pump valves in good working order.  Valve assemblies are original 1940’s inventory with new leathers.  Everything is enclosed in a waterproof tin can.

Included are:
4 of P-341 Valve Stem Assemblies
12 of P-194 Body Washers
4 of P-27 Valve Stem Washers
8 of P-436 Washers (for valve cylinder cover)
4 of P-41 Washers (for bottom outlet valve), 4 of P-35 Washers (for suction valve)

Price: $381 

P-476 Piston Wrench

As per 1941 drawings, this tool allows the brass plunger disk to be easily unscrewed from the USN two cylinder pump plunger rod, when replacing the leather plunger packing.  Please note that this tool may not work on some Morse USN pumps.  Cast iron handle with cold rolled steel pins and coated with black paint.

Price: $67

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