Purchasing Instructions

To purchase items, please call (610) 847-6824 or email us at schraderdive@gmail.com. Please give the item number and/or item name and desired quantity, along with your contact information. Diving helmets require a 25% deposit, and signature on release, before we begin building your helmet for you. Prices listed do not include shipping and handling. We accept payment by credit card, check, money order, or PayPal. There is a 6% sales tax for in state purchases.

“S” to NPSM Reducer

Brass double male adapter. “S” submarine (1 1/16”-17 T) to 1/2” NPSM

Price: $72

Schrader Line Weights

Cast iron descending line weights for various diving operations.  Made of cast iron with wrought iron eye and zinc plated, they come in three different weights, 25, 50, and 100 lbs


P-224 25 lbs. Line Weight, $150.00

P-225 50 lbs. Line Weight, $200.00

P-226 100 lbs. Line Weight, $350.00


F-4 Commercial Tee Wrench

F-4 Commercial Tee Wrench:  Early style brass key used to tighten or loosen wing nuts on breastplate of Schrader commercial helmets.

Price: $83

H-81 Tee Wrench

Brass key used to tighten or loosen wing nuts on breastplate of USN MK V and most American commercial helmets.

Price: $83

H-583 Navy Diver Belt

U.S. Navy standard.  As our company has traditionally made them, cut from 1/4″ (15-16 oz.) thick leather, not two pieces of stitched 1/8″ leather.  We offer the belt in several variations:  Pre WWII/Early WWII with cast brass buckles and grommets (instead of the brass stiffener plates or Mid/Late WWII with stamped brass buckles and stiffener plates.  There are othe minor dimensional differences betwween the variations as well.  Pictured is the later variation.

Price: $1300

H-504 Divers Weight Belt

Based off our 1898 drawings, this belt was referred to as a “divers belt weight”.  It would have been used by both USN and commercial divers until the introduction of the MKV system.  To support this hypothesis, in post 1917 drawings, it is renamed “commercial divers belt weight”.  It has a redundant double strap configuration, which eventually was done away with in later commercial belt construction.  Twelve removable lead weights mounted to 10/12 oz. Latigo.  Total weight of belt is 77 lbs.

Price: $1108

H-499 Horseshoe Chest Weights

Traditional style of diving weights, comprised of a pair of lead weights designed to fit the Schrader commercial helmet breastplate.  Front weight has brass hooks that fit over the studs on the breastplate.  Likewise the rear weight has brass hooks attached by 10mm tarred hemp rope that also fit over the front studs, as well as a rope jock. Total weight of set is 72 lbs.

Price: $678

H-500 Commercial Diving Sandals

Originally designed in 1917, this cast iron footwear is a utilitarian alternative to the weighted leather boot.  Along with an integrated toe cap, each sandal has two leather straps to keep it in place.  Passing through slots in the casting, the straps are easy to replace, if needed.  We paint these in a silver paint, but you are welcome to paint them whatever color you want.  At 17 lbs. apiece they are geared more towards shallow to moderate depth diving operations.

Price: $490

H-541 Hose Clamp

Clamp used to hold hose barb in 1/2” i.d. hose.  Three needed per fitting.

Price: $21

H-546 Double Female Coupling

As per USN specifications, this coupling will join two male “S” (submarine) thread 1/2” hose ends.

Price: $78

H-697 3′ Whip

Three foot length of 1/2″ i.d. air hose with female fittings for joining air contol valve to gooseneck on helmet.

Price: $295

H-567 Air Control Valve

As per USN specifications, and 1944 drawings, this valve allows the diver to control the amount of air received into the helmet.  The double “S” (submarine) threaded valve is bolted to the “bastard” stud on the MK V helmet breastplate by the attached eye pad.  A three foot whip connects it to the air goose neck on the rear of the helmet, the air hose being attached to the other end of the valve.

Price: $696

H-580 Non-Return Valve

An important piece of safety equipment and when attached to the air inlet, it is a one way check valve, allowing for air to enter the helmet, but not exit it, should a mishap occur.  As per 1940 drawings, it is furnished with “S” submarine thread and pressure tested before leaving the shop.

Price: $299

H-586 T Slot Wrench

AAs per 1940s drawings, fully machined from brass bar stock, this wrench allows one to disassemble a Schrader non-return valve to clean or replace internal washer.

Price: $110

H-702 Cuff Expander

Old stock Schrader inventory, they are used in dressing the diver.  As the name implies, a pair of these helps the diver get his or her hand through the tight wrist seal, minimizing the chance of tearing the cuff.  Given that these are pushing 80 years old, some minor imperfections should be expected.  The set come furnished with rosewood handles.  We will sell them as is, or re-polished for $50.00 more.

Price: $154 ($204 re-polished) for a pair

H-751 Shallow Water Non-Return Valve

Brass double male one way valve for use with the Jack Browne shallow water mask.  Per 1951 specification, valve opens at 1/2 PSI with no leaks from 1 to 100 PSI.  9/16”-18T inlet to 1/4” NPT outlet.

Price: $129


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